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This offer is for JioGenNext startups. (1) Free for startups with less than 25 stakeholders and less than $1Mn in funding and up to 15% discount on your first-year subscription. (2) $500k in Credits & Perks from 30+ partners (AWS, Google, Notion). (3) Accelerated and assisted onboarding (within 24 hours).

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Cap Table Management

Equity Grants (ESOP + SAR)

ESOP Document Generation

Equity Grant Letter Generation

Equity Grant E-Signs

Employee & Shareholder Portals

Data Rooms & More

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EquityList is free for startups with less than 25 stakeholders and less than $1Mn in funding.

Everything in the Basic Plan plus:

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A one stop shop for equity management.

Designed to scale from Day Zero to thousands of employees



Cap Table Set Up

Cap Table Import

ESOP Grant Import

ESOP & Cap Table Consultation


Buyback Management

Issue Options / SARs

Custom Vesting

Grant Letter Generation

E-Sign Grants

Exercise Requests

Value Calculator

Tax Estimator

Employee Access


Cap Table Management

Equity Shares

Liquidation Preferences

Convertible Instruments

Investor Access

Financing Modeling

Secure Data Rooms


Spreadsheet Export

Granular Permissions

Law Firm Access

Valuation Tracking

Investor Updates

Compliance Reports

Accounting Exports

* Startups & Employees may need to consult tax and accounting experts as needed


Frequently asked questions.

Here are the most common questions you might have.

What is EquityList?

Equitylist is a full-stack equity and shareholder management platform for companies across India, Singapore and the US. We help companies manage cap tables, ESOPs/SAR, data rooms and related compliances.

Over 200 companies use EquityList for managing equity for 9,000+ employees and 5,000+ shareholders. The platform currently supports the management of $850 Mn+ worth of ESOPs for employees. We are building the definitive operating system for startups.

What startups does EquityList support?

EquityList is designed for both listed and unlisted companies. Currently, our suite is available for companies in India, Singapore and the United States, with a special focus on companies with dual-entity and cross-border structures.

Can you provide liquidity for shareholders?

We can help companies organize liquidity programs on a case-by-case basis depending on the stage and growth of the business.

Is EquityList available for free?

EquityList is free only for startups that need to manage less than 25 stakeholders and have raised less than $1Mn in funding. To know the most suitable pricing plan for your company, reach out at help@equitylist.co

How is EquityList related to AngelList India?

EquityList is part of the AngelList India family.

Can we also manage SAR plans in EquityList?

Yes, you can manage multiple ESOP and/or SAR plans in EquityList. Consult our experts for the best practices.

How do we get started with setting up an account on EquityList?

You can fill out our quick onboarding form and be prompted to share basic onboarding-related data. With that, we can set up your account or you can schedule a call with our team to walk you through the platform.

Are you selling or sharing company data?

No. Your data is kept confidential within EquityList and is not shared with anyone by default. We don't sell or share your data and only use it to provide you with cap table and equity management services. We use aggregated, anonymized data to produce statistics like the total number of grants made on EquityList. You can read more on our privacy policy.

How does my venture firm/accelerator work with you?

We partner with top venture firms and incubators to simplify their portfolio management operations and can extend a special offer to their portfolio companies. Contact Us to learn more.

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Getting started.

We will learn more about how far along you are with your grant program and cap table setting up and administering an ESOP plan

Import Existing Data.

We'll collect/import your existing cap table and backfill any existing equity grants into EquityList.

Build Ownership.

You now have a single source of truth for equity ownership and easy to use workflows for the finance team, employees, and investors.